hopkins and brother store

history of hopkins and brother store

Captain Stephen Hopkins was the patriarch of the family that operated the successful mercantile firm first known as Stephen Hopkins & Sons, later Hopkins & Bro., for well over a century. From 1842 until 1966, Hopkins and Brother Store enjoyed continued operation under four generations of the Hopkins family. From 1842 to the late 1870’s the firm operated sailing vessels to Baltimore and other cities on the bay, as well as New York, Charleston and the West Indies.

During the time Hopkins and Bro. was in its heyday as a maritime trading center, Onancock’s dock, maintained by the Hopkins firm, was known as “Hopkins Wharf”. Hopkins and Brother went through four eras of transportation: The steamers took business from the sailboats; power boats took business from the steamers; and railroads took business from the power boats; and now trucks have taken business from the railroads. However, Hopkins and Brother did not suffer through these changes, because of water having the cheapest rates of transportation.

Three times since 1842, the Hopkins & Bro. building has been rolled from one site to another. The lower Section of the building was built in 1842 near the towering sycamore tree at the foot of King Street. In the early 1880’s the old building was moved across the road toward the north branch of the creek and attached to the new taller, pilastered section being built there. In 1970, a third and final move brought the whole building to its present location on the
westernmost edge of the town.


Today, the building is listed on the Virginia Landmarks Register and the National Register of Historic Place, and owned by the Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society (ESVHS) who is responsible for its maintenance and upkeep.

You can read this and more about Onancock and the Eastern Shore of Virginia in Child of the Bay, Past Present and Future by Onancock’s own local author and historian, Anne B. Nock.


2 Market Street
Onancock, Va 23417


Visit the property in downtown Onancock to enjoy a piece of our history and dine on exquisite cuisine by Mallards at the Wharf.


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