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Bring local history to your classroom

Funded in part by the Hampton Roads Community Foundation, the Finley Family Foundation, the United Way of Virginia's Eastern Shore, and The Franklin P. and Arthur W. Perdue Foundation.

History Travels began as “History in a Box” in 2012, with handouts and worksheets given to teachers to enable them to include Eastern Shore history as part of their Virginia studies and U.S. history curriculum. As the project expanded, educational artifacts and online components were included to make the information accessible to all styles of learning. Today, the History Travels program focuses on bringing unique Eastern Shore history to the classroom, enhancing the Virginia studies lessons with local historical figures such as Thomas Savage and John Cropper. The project helps students connect the history from their own “backyard” to the larger state and national history.

The History Travels box includes educational artifacts that students are welcome to touch and study. Lesson plans for the artifacts also are included, but teachers are welcomed and encouraged to incorporate the artifacts into their classroom however they wish. The educational artifacts include:

Archaeological artifacts found at Ker Place

Enlarged reproduction of 17th century print of Thomas Savage

Replica John Cropper hat

Replica Peace Pipe

Currently, there are 14 boxes in circulation, and they can be reserved for as much as a month.

Please contact the education director at education@shorehistory.org with any questions, comments, or concerns.

In addition to the box of artifacts, the History Travels program also includes several worksheets, Prezi presentations, and lesson plans. Please feel free to use or adapt the following for your classroom!

Native Americans

Thomas Savage

Early Virginia and Exploration Archaeology

John Cropper

Genealogy and Eastern Shore Historic Sites

Current program topics

Thomas Savage
Eastern Shore in 1607
Gen. John Cropper


There is no fee for History Travel presentations.