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Ker Place
69 Market Street
Onancock, VA 23417
March - December
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
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The Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society
Serving You Since 1957
October 19, 2013
(9:00 - 5:00)
October 20, 2013
(12:00 - 5:00)

Join us for this fun filled festival weekend
as we take Historic Onancock back to the 17th Century!

Calling All Artists & Crafters

The Artisan's Square, held on the grounds of Ker Place, will highlight trades and art of the early 17th Century. Please note that not all of your display has to encompass a 17th Century trade, but a piece must be highlighted. Click this link for more information.
Businesses & Organizations Participating
Chick Sisters Studio Arts & Crafts Supply
Mallards at the Wharf
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Watershed Walk
Red Queen Gallery
SouthEast Expeditions at the Wharf
The Inn at Onancock
Accomack Democratic Committee
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
Artisan's Square Vendors
Handcrafted Gemstone & Wire Wrapped Jewelry - Lauri Fisher
Bird Baths & Yard Decorations - Garden Jewels
Naomi Makemie Presbyterian Church
Historic Cokesbury Methodist Church
Riverside - Run for Heart
Special Exhibits
Tour the Godspeed the Jamestown Yorktown Foundation will be presenting their educational program for the Godspeed
Hand Dipped Candles presented by Chicks Sister Studio Arts and Crafts
A Voyage Through Time the History of Port Scarburgh & Hopkins Store
History of Voting presented by the Accomack Democratic Committee
"How We Know What We Know" presented by the ESVHS Archaeology Committee
Explanation & Illustration of "Limners" presented by the Red Queen Gallery
17th Century Water Way Usage Waterways: travel and means of existence
Boating Coast Guard Auxiliary
Watershed Walk - Eastern Shore Environmental Education Council
The Francis Makemie Society's Artifacts- treasures left behind by Founder of the Presbyterian Church in America.
Quadricentennial Minutes - video by the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation
17th Century Hand Knitted Socks & Monmouth Caps - presented by Purls
Audience with the Queen In celebration of England's supreme benefactress of foreign exploration, and Virginia's namesake, this rare 16c. portrait of Queen Elizabeth I. will be on loan for one week only. Greet the Godspeed with her!
17th Century Herb Usage presented by the Master Gardeners
Native Flora & Fauna of the Eastern Shore with children's games & crafts
17th Century People early native people on the Shore and early European settlers
Exhibits will be displayed at Ker Place and around the town of Onancock.
Williams Funeral Home
Friday, October 18th
Captain Capitano's Comedy Pirate Show
5-7:00 PM Naomi Makemie Presbyterian Church: A Spaghetti Dinner with Francis Makemie himself!
All Day Artisans' Square
8:00 AM Fun Run/ Walk Swashbucklers Drop Anchor! Riverside's Run for Heart Run: Registration Form
10:00 AM Walking Tour of Onancock
Historic Kayak Tour. SouthEast Expeditions at the Wharf
Captain Capitano's Comedy Pirate Show. Cokesbury Church
11:30 AM Boat Tour of Onancock Creek on the
Georgie E. Welcome aboard this restored Chesapeake Bay Buy Boat
1:00 PM Shakespearean Play. Pocomoke Players
2:00 PM Historic Kayak Tour. Southeast Expeditions at the Wharf
Walking Tour of Onancock
Rededication Ceremony for the
Annie C. 1904 log canoe restored & celebrated. Ker Place.
2:30 PM Captain Capitano's Comedy Pirate Show. Cokesbury Church
Delegate Lynwood Lewis is in the Stockade. Help us get him out! A fundraiser for the ESVHS
4:00 PM Boat Tour of Onancock Creek on the
Georgie E.
5:00 PM 17th Century Libations. Ker Place.
All Day Artisans' Square
10:00 AM Historic Kayak Tour. SouthEast Expeditions at the Wharf
12:00 PM Boat Tour of Onancock Creek on the
Georgie E.
2:00 PM Historic Kayak Tour. SouthEast Expeditions at the Wharf
2:15 PM Music
3:30 PM Boat Tour of Onancock Creek on the
Georgie E.
4:00 PM Music
Saturday, October 19th
Sunday, October 20th
Town of Onancock
The Blarney Stone Pub
Eastern Shore Yacht & Country Club
Eastern Shore Public Library Foundation
Reserve Your Seat Early!

Boat Tours on Onancock Creek.
Spend approximately 1 1/2 hours aboard the Chesapeake Bay buyboat, Georgie E., as Andrea Benda takes you back to 17th century Onancock. Learn more about the landscape and its people. Tours are 11:30 AM & 4:00 PM on Saturday and 12:00 PM & 3:30 PM on Sunday. Onancock Wharf in front of Hopkins Store. Adults: $15
Students (18 & Under): $10
Children (5 & under): Free. Purchase Your Tickets Today!

Post Bail for Lynwood Lewis
Release Delegate Lynwood Lewis from his shackles. Or, perhaps, you might bribe the foreman to keep him captive a bit longer. Gazebo Park.
Saturday, October 19th 2:30 PM.

17th Century Libations.
Come to Ker Place for a tasting of mead, “dark & stormies” and
Bayside oysters. Beverage service
provided by North Street Market.
Saturday, October 19th .5:00 PM.
$15 for tasting and food. Cash bar. Purchase Your Tickets Today!

Walking Tour of Onancock.
The Reverend Kirk Mariner will guide you through the fascinating story
of the town of Onancock.
Saturday 10:00 AM & 2:00 PM
Meet at Hopkins & Brother Store $10.00 per person. Purchase Your Tickets Today!

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