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Marketing Coordinator

job description

This position entails managing the marketing and outreach communication for the Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. The Marketing Coordinator’s primary responsibility is to serve as an advocate of the ESVHS’s mission through the development and implementation of marketing strategies. This candidate is a pivotal team player in the involvement of mission driven programs from concept development to implementation. This position requires an organized, creative, upbeat and energetic professional who will work well with others as a public ambassador for the organization and reports to the Executive Director.

Location:  The office is located in the Ker Place Museum, headquarters for the Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society.
Hours:  4 days a week
Salary:  $15.00 per hour


  1. Demonstrate strong computer and graphic design skills using Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Power Point, and Publisher), website publishing software, and Adobe InDesign and Acrobat.
  2. Demonstrate solid writing, grammar and proofreading skills.  (Including the ability to draft minutes, reports, agendas and correspondence when asked.)
  3. Strong knowledge of digital media marketing.
  4. Plan, schedule, and meet deadlines with a sense of priority. Stay organized with a high volume of work.
  5. Be comfortable and confident with public speaking and communicating to a wide variety of audiences.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Work closely with the Executive Director on various administrative tasks as assigned such as copying, editing documents, and phone and email correspondence.
  2. Participate in daily office activities which includes retrieving the Society’s voicemail messages and forward to appropriate staff, answering & directing phone calls, responding to the front door traffic (deliveries, mail and inquires), picking up mail from post office and forwarding to appropriate staff.
  3. Oversee communication, outreach and marketing for the Society.
  4. Design and write marketing materials such as: press releases, news articles, emails, post cards, flyers, and invitations. Design and compile the Annual Report with the Executive Director.
  5. Update and maintain the Society’s website regularly with correct event and program descriptions and date/time information.
  6. Provide updates to the viral marketing and social networking efforts showing the Society’s work and accomplishments (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube & Blog).
  7. Engage the community and like-minded organizations through creative collaborative outreach.
  8. Must be willing to work closely with office staff, a Board of Directors, city administrators, organizational collaborative partners, and all members of the community.


It is preferable for the candidate to possess two or more years of experience in marketing. Strong tech skills and knowledge of nonprofit work are a plus.

how to apply

For more information or to apply, call (757) 787-8012 or email